Ayurveda Intensive / Panchakarma Treatments:

Recommendable for unbalanced health and intensive cleansing of your body. Ayurveda is a holistic treatment system with the aim to re-create a healthy balance of body, mind and soul. Based on the prescriptions of our in-house doctor the following treatments apply:

  • Head- and face massages
  • Specialised massages like back, joints or foot…
  • Jet-lag massages, relaxation and deep relaxation massages
  • Synchron massages
  • Deep connective tissue treatment to release energy blockages and for back and joints diseases
  • Shirodhara (Stirnguss)
  • Full body oil treatment (only cures longer than two weeks)
  • Thermo massages
  • Powder massages
  • Herbal treatments
  • Inhalation, steam-, herbal- and flower bath
  • The cleansing of the Panchakarma according to your medical diagnosis
  • Special treatments of ears, eyes and skin
  • Accupuncture and Homeopuncture
  • All treatments are supported by individual prescribed Ayurveda medicine and medical oils.

Ayurveda, is a gentle path to health and well being. It is part of an „ancient knowledge” which was kept alive by its inclusion into daily life of Sri Lanka.

For those people who are looking for a lasting health improvement and are prepared to invest the necessary time we offer custom treatments. Here the initial diagnosis and the visible effects are the basis for your individual treatments, Ayurveda medicine, diet.

In charge of the daily, medical supervision is our (in-house) Doctor.

Our Ayurveda team is well trained with an extensive professional experience. We undertake all traditional Ayurveda treatments. Due to the overlookable size of our health resort the physiotherapists can work with the highest degree of quality and authenticity.

Our leading physiotherapist is a specialist in point massages with which  he can loose energy blockades on various levels permanently. This special form of Ayurveda treatment was partly taken over from a monk.

Our resort comfortably accommodates 13 guests. By doing so we can live up to our commitment of individual, personal treatment.

The Ayurveda-Pavilion is build by natural materials and only 10m away from the beach. The top-floor is our massage area ( with Shirodara- and Inhalation equipment) and offers a spectacular view over the Indian Ocean. A steam box awaits you in the authentic clay covered ground floor room. In the annex of our bungalow you’ll find our specially designed herbal- and flower bath.

Additionally the beach bungalow is equipped with a treatment- and consultation room each. A second beach pavilion is available since end 2006. The pavilion is 32 sqm large with a first floor. We offer Yoga, Tai Chi, Meditation and ayurvedic treatments there.

On request the dinner can be served there.


We use only Ayurvedic medicine and oils from companies, which comply with the WHO guidelines regarding the production of natural medicines. So we can ensure, that they are free from residua of pesticides, heavy metal or other contaminations.


Beside walks on uncrowded beaches, the swimming in sea and pool, the following activities can be organised close by:



  • Trips along the coast with swimming and snorkeling on deserted beaches and/or islands.
  • Open water for fishing, snorkeling, dolphin watching…
  • Overnight with an experienced local fisherman for deep sea fishing
  • Diving courses and underwater excursions in cooperation wit a recommended petrol station.


Lagoon and river safaris, with picnic on request.


  • Individual tours by motor rishka ( tuk tuk ) through paddy fields, tea- rubber plantations and sleepy villages.
  • Day trips into the rain forest, professionally undertaken by a biologist outstanding trek through rain forest approximately 6 hours
  • There are many interesting temple complexes nearby, certainly worth a visit.

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