Social Responsibility

Our current social work:

After our Tsunami-Aid projects were completed, we started several other social projects. Social work is a part of our company’s vision and is even laid down in the memorandum. The company was founded in 2003, one year before Tsunami.

Our new projects originated out of the misery were our village school and temple were in.

As the old school library was insufficient and books for the higher classes were not available, we sponsored a new library. We still have a closed contact to this school and from time to time new needs arise, like musical instruments for the school band or books for the primary grades.
A building with classrooms from the Village temple, we renovated totally and donated new furniture to the library.

Here as well we have a closed contact and support the temple school continuosly with the necessary funds for school equipment.

Our latest project is the construction of a community hall, in which also a Montessori Kindergarden will be situated. A committee of socially engaged citizens, whose main aim is to help the poor, approached us to support them. The construction work will be done mainly by themselves and we will take over the financial side.

With this project we will meet our financial limits and donations are most welcome. After the construction we will have to get suitable equipment and meet the running expenses.

But we are not only partner for big projects. From time to time locals in need ask as for financial support, is it for an operation, the purchase of a hearing aid or some expensive medicine.

If you would like to learn more about our projects or would like to support these, please write to

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