Terms & Conditions




All bookings are non-binding until our bank account is credited with the requested deposit (advance payment). As soon as the deposit is received, your booking will be considered confirmed. You will be notified and with this confirmation you agree and accept our general terms and conditions.

Bank transfers

Please assure during your bank transactions with Sri Lanka that all transfer costs and charges are included in the advance payment. The deposit and the incoming amount must be identical. This enables an easy identification of amounts on our side. Be sure to state your full name and purpose of the deposit (advance payment) on the transfer slip.

Balance payment

The balance payment is due on the day of your arrival at Shunyata Villa. We prefer the payments be made in Euro and in large denominations (500 Euro or 200 Euro bills).

Please note:       Check-in:        at 2 pm     (14.00 hours)

Check-out:     at 10:30 am   (10:30 hours)

The treatment price represents the complete package price. The treatment (package) starts with the check-in at 2 pm and  ends at 10:30 am on the check-out day. All services booked are performed within that time frame.  Meals before or after check-in/check-out are not included and have to be paid separately. Should you want additional meals, please notify us in time. A 50 %  discount on regular meals will be given to our ayurvedic guests.


Ayurveda Cures

The ayurvedic treatments are offered as a complete package and for a lump sum price. As is customary in Ayurveda resorts and related type of hotels, arrival and departure days  are not considered as treatment days.

The  number of overnite bookings determine the calculation and are the basis of   for your treatment package price.

Should time permit, we will be happy to spoil you with a WELCOME TREATMENT  or  A SAY-GOOD-BYE TREATMENT.

As the ayurvedic treatment is an all-inclusive package, there are no refunds for services that have not been demanded due to delayed arrival or early departure. This also applies to not demanded service during the course of your treatment program.


Cancelation Fee

In case of cancelations prior to arrival the following charges will apply:

30 % of the total booking price for cancelations up to 60 days prior to arrival

60 % of the total booking price for cancelations up to 30 days prior to arrival

80 % of the total booking price for cancelations for less than 30 days before arrival

Naturally, we will make every effort to re-book your room. In that case we will be happy to refund your deposit. However,  a handling fee of Euro 100 will be still be charged.

We recommend you take up travel insurance.

Premature discontinuation or change:

If you need to cancel the cure/stay prematurely for any reason or want to change services, we are generally required to make any refund. In addition, we recommend  you take up a reverse travel insurance, which pays the costs if you need to stop prematurely (own illness or accident, serious illness or death of relatives, etc.).
The Shunyata management will help you  in the organization of premature departure or requested changes as much as possible.

Minimum Booking

Off – season   (01.05. – 31.10.)  7 days

Peak – season (01.11. – 30.04.) 14 days


Due to extremely high electricity rates  in Sri Lanka and in order to be able to cover the high additional costs, we are unable to offer air conditioning free of charge in our rooms.  Should you wish air conditioning  a daily charge of 10 Euro becomes applicable.


The coverage of services and liablities can be found in our internet page. It is imperative that you adhere to the instructions and recommendations prescribed by our doctor. The treatment is individually designed and developed by the doctor.  They are solely based on your current state of health and only if followed as directed will you have the best benefits of the cure.

The ayurvedic cures are understood to aid, assist and maintain your health. A serious or acute illness requiring hospitalization cannot be replaced with ayurvedic treatments.

You are not entitled to any claims or reimbursement for changes the doctor may find necessary in your treatment protocol.

Infectious diseases will not be treated. With your confirmed booking and registration you also are assuring that you are free of contagious deseases.

Ayurvedic cures will not be administered during pregnancy.

We are not liable for complications , reactions or allergies related directly to the ayurvedic treatments unless there is gross negligence or intentional or deliberate action on our part.

Services not wanted by you are not subject to claims or reimbursement.

We further are not liable for injuries from animals or noises or smells typical in this environment or region.

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